Rotterdam has become a flourishing centre of improvisation music. Musicians from all over the world meet in this Dutch city, where they stimulate each other in their quest for new musical forms and perspectives. The Swedish trombonist Ebba Åsman moved on the advice of her teacher Ilja Reijngoud to Rotterdam, where she plays a key role in all kinds of musical projects.

Ebba Asman
Ebba Asman

Her first album Zoom Out is a good example of the merging of various cultural influences. The deep sound of the electric bass emphasizes the urban nature, the harmonies of piano and wind instruments add Scandinavian spaciousness to the music. The compositions have an energetic but friendly character, the solo parts are assertive, but respectful. One of the most beautiful tracks is ‘Middelland’, named after a street and a district in Rotterdam-West. ‘I usually start with a feeling when I compose,’ says Åsman about this tune, ‘I wanted to create this atmosphere. It’s about walking it the street in the evening hours, having a mellow feeling. I like the mix of all kinds of restaurants and shops from many different cultures. I try to capture this diversity in my music as well.’

Although Asman has only lived here for two years, this composition has a firm dose of melancholy. On her next album, Åsman wants to add even more genres, but no one can take away this excellent jazz debut.

Zoom Out

Ebba Åsman –  Stockholm Jazz Records